The platform of the ‘Communistisch Platform’

July 6, 2014 in About Us, Party & Programme by Thomas Chefsky

In May 2014 comrades of the Marxist Center founded a magazine in the Dutch language: Komas (Compass). The magazine is build around a platform, which incidentally also bears the name of the group: Communistisch Platform. The group is a campaign to establish a party-movement. For ours readers we publish an English translation of the Communistisch Platform. Read the rest of this entry →

by J. Levi

Missing the obvious

September 12, 2013 in About Us by J. Levi


Our advise: Look for (new?) glasses

J. Levi replies to Earl Gilman criticism that we apparently avoid the “dictatorship of the proletariat”… The letter exchange was published in the Weekly Worker on 5 September and 12 September and was originally a reply on Geary Middleton’s article that was published on the 29th of August.

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by Geary

Hello world!

August 13, 2013 in About Us by Geary

Geary introduces you to the project.


We need a new mass party-movement

This is the very first article of a new political and journalistic project. We are a loose writers collective with a common set of principles:

First of all we owe you an explanation of who we are. This project flows from the “Orthodox Marxist” group, a fraction of the “Revolutionary Marxists” group on the webforum Revleft.com1, commonly reproached with terms as “Kautskyites”, “Kautskyite revivalists” or “neo-Kautskyites”. While we’re not referring to ourselves as such, it does have a kernel of truth as we place ourselves among those who reevaluate the legacy of Second International Marxism, a new current if you will which was marked with Lars T. Lih’s scholarly work Lenin Rediscovered – “What is to be done?” in context. As such we draw our inspiration from this scholarly current and other groups that perform similar work. Read the rest of this entry →

  1. Revleft is, incidentally, the biggest online community of revolutionary leftists globally